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Better patient compliance and faster results with BioPro+ sublinguals

Say goodbye to buying products upfront, managing inventory and worrying about patient compliance. Our interactive compliance system and revolutionary new formulas deliver more effective results with less hassle.



Tired of struggling with patient compliance?


Our automated patient compliance system delivers better results

Issuing medication is the easy part… getting patients to stay compliant is hard. BioPro+ is the only company that automatically reminds patients to take their medications, tracks their progress and rewards them for not missing doses.

  • Daily automated reminders
  • Mobile tracking calendar
  • Built-in bonuses and rewards
  • Provider-monitored patient progress
  • No more ineffective treatments due to poor compliance!



Why patients love BioPro+

Patients love BioPro+ because it relieves symptoms faster and helps them stay consistent with their doses. When patients feel successful they’re more likely to continue with future treatments.

  • 28 individual daily dose vials 
  • Easy-to-take sublinguals
  • Genetically activated formulations



BioPro+ reinforces better habits and better habits equals better results


Old System vs. New BioPro+ System

BioPro+ System:

  • Patients order from the BioPro+ website 
  • Patients choose you as their provider
  • You approve the purchase and get credit for the order
  • The product ships directly to your patient’s door

Join our network of practitioners and let us handle the rest. It’s really that easy.



Old System:

  • Invest upfront in inventory
  • Handle delivery at your clinic
  • Store, manage and track inventory 
  • Hands-on order fulfillment and distribution

You can still buy wholesale if that’s what you prefer, just remember that our automated distribution system is always here whenever you’re ready.




We help you take back your time

Without the need to manage inventory or constantly follow up with patients, you and your team will have more time to focus on the important things in life —family, friends, hobbies, whatever it may be! 

What will you do with all your extra time?



Cutting-edge formulations you won’t find anywhere else

BioPro+ is only available through approved practitioners like you. You can’t get them at local health food stores or any of those big retail websites. Your patients will have exclusive access to our exciting new line of products.




Mandatory practitioner approval, lifetime patient loyalty

Once a patient creates their profile and chooses you as their provider, you’re their prescribing physician for life. Every time they place an order you’ll receive a notification for one-click approval.



Faster, Easier, Safer


No need for office time. Patients order at BioPro+, you approve the order and the product ships right to your patient’s door.


No inventory, no ordering, no mandatory follow-up and no worrying about patient compliance. We do it all!


Our non-synthetic formulas are 100% safe and effective with zero side effects. There’s no wondering and no worrying… period.

Get a head start on the industry

Our automated patient compliance system is something that no one else has… yet. Apply today and get a head start on the industry.




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